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Ken Morris Dog Trainer - All Breed K9 Camp

Ken Morris TRAINER

All Breed K9 Camp

Who We Are

Ken Morris the Owner and Operator of All Breed K9 Camp.   From a young age, Ken developed a love and passion for working with dogs.  In 1993, as a young teenager, he began working with neighborhood dogs in Wurtsboro, New York.  Ken was formally educated by the prestigious Stonehill Kennel L.L.C, a premier dog training facility located in Goshen, Connecticut. He received his certification to be an active behaviorist/trainer and immediately following was hired full time. As a full time trainer he began implementing innovative, cutting edge canine training techniques. Ken trained countless dogs and provided education and guidance to their owners on how to raise happy and stable pets. During his time at Stonehill, Ken specialized in countless client companion dogs, service dogs, family protection dogs and police dogs.  He also provided rehabilitative services for patients suffering from psychological related illnesses.  After his time at Stonehill Kennel, Ken worked with Dogs for Autism.,


In May 2012 Ken decided to move to California and open up his own dog training facility, All Breed K9 Camp.  Ken takes pride in using all avenues and styles of dog training to create a customized and individualized program for all four legged friends, in all walks of life.  Ken believes, “Most people who put their dogs in a rescue or shelter because of an untrainable dog are mistaken. We are here to keep dogs out of the rescue in the first place.”  To Ken, there is no such thing as an untrainable dog.  He makes it his personal mission to find a solution for every dog that comes under his care.   Additionally, Ken recognizes the importance and value in educating every client so that they can be successful upon returning home with their four-legged friend.   Finally, Ken is motivated and committed to his professional development as a trainer.  He is constantly reflecting, refining and sharpening his skill set so that he may continue to offer the most comprehensive training package for his clients and their dog.

We work very hard to make things right for our four legged friends and their families throughout all there walks of life.

We offer training programs for all breeds and sizes in a stress free environment using reward based exercises with multiple programs from basic to advanced. All work in our in kennel program is guaranteed for the life of your dog and is backed with free private lesson as well for life.

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